Saturday, December 5, 2009

Aqua Horrors 2

This joke is about two siamese fighting fish that I had raised before. Enjoy.

Hero:You there! Yes, you! Bull flag!

Dragon fruit: I am no bull flag, I'm the famous Dragon's fruit!

Hero: Isn't that what people eat?

Dragon fruit: No it's Dragon's fruit. There's an S after the word dragon.

Hero:If that's so I'm Superman.

Dragon fruit: You want to fight?(Displays tail)

Hero: Yeah right fruity! (Displays tail)

Dragon fruit: You first.

Hero: No you first.

Dragon fruit: No, you.

Hero: NO, you!

Dragon fruit: Ahh forget it. bye bye!

[Giant hand scoops Hero back into his own tank]

We did not have a net to fish the fishes back to its own tank, the betta's fragile tail might tear in the netting so that's why we use our hands to scoop them out when we change their tank water.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aqua horrors 1

This is a series of jokes I made.

Fish 1: Hey buddy! look! There's a new comer there!
Fish 2: New comer where?
Fish 1:There! {Pointing with feeler}
Fish 2: New comer where there?[Scratching head with feeler]
Fish 1: Are you blind? Far away there!{Slapping the other fish}
Fish 2: Oh there. Thats no new comer, thats dinner.
Fish 1: Dinner who?
Fish 2: Its for eating. It's dead.
Fish 1: Oh..........{Faint}
Fish 2: Oi! I'm no hero. Ask that fish to carry you. He's called hero. OI, OII! get up or you'll be dinner next.
Fish 1: ARRGH! No way!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Book I like and recommend

These are some books that I like and recommend
-Maximum Ride by James Patterson: The Angel experiment
School's out forever
Saving the wold and other extreme sports
The final warning

-Ink heart by Cornelia Funke: Ink heart
Ink spell
Ink death

-A deadly game of magic by Joan Lowry Nixon
-Warriors series by Erin Hunter
-Varjak Paw By S.F. Said:Varjak Paw
Varjak Paw the out law
-The Afternoon with the elves by Janet Taylor Lisle
-Granny by Anthony Horowitz
-Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz
-A wind in the door by Madeleine L' Engle
-Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke
-English Fairy Tales and Legens by Rosalind Kerven
-Twilight Saga By Stefanie Meyer: Twilight
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
-Round Hill by Dick King Smith
-The Switch by Anthony Horrowitz
-The little book of Northern tales by Bob Barton
-Runeweaver By Linda McNabb
-Dragon slippers
Dragon spear
Dragon flight
-The Graveyard book By Neil Gaiman

There are many more books that I have read.........hundreds...maby thousands....who knows!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Journey (Selected for national writing competition)

Hello! I am a little minnow. I have always dreamt of having a better home. I have lost lots of my loved ones since the invasion of the big bellied monsters. My grandmother told me they were called boats before one captured her. Every day, I will see sardines, prawns, shrimps and sharks being caught.

So I swam off. Not knowing I was headed downwards, I continued swimming and following the path of corals……….. Into the twilight zone. After a while, I started to feel uneasy. The corals no longer lighted my path. All that was left of the corals were bones. Only little light from the sun streamed through the waves of water from above. I turned away from the sight of bones that littered the seabed to get away from the sight of it.

But instead of finding the coral bed I came from, there was a large gulper eel! So this was my doom, to die in this dreadful place. Or was there a way out? I looked up. Yes! A plan started to form in my mind. Just as the gulper eel closed in, I turned vertically and paddled my tail furiously. Every scale, very muscle screamed at me to paddle upwards. My tail was paddling so fast that I felt I was flying. My gills were bursting!

Just then, I saw a Portuguese man-o-war. Its deadly tentacles trailed down towards me. I swerved around it. The eel tried to do it too, but in its haste, it got entangled in the tentacles on the jellyfish and got stung badly. I saw the limp body of the eel sink to the bottom of the abyss below. Though, I continued my search swimming aimlessly in the middle of nowhere. I decided to take a rest and sleep. Anyway, the full moon already is high in the starry night sky.

The next morning when I woke up, another minnow was staring at me straight in the face. She was beaming. “So you finally woke up?” she asked me. “Yep. Where are we?” I asked. I knew it was morning but it was dark. “A whale.” She said very calmly. I started to panic. “Whoa, cool down, we’re not going to die here,” She said, “We’ll get out, trust me. You see those holes up there?” I looked up and saw two oval holes. I nodded “When the whale comes up to breathe, just stay in the water vertically up. That way, you can be blown through a hole easily!”

While we waited for the whale to surface, I learnt that she was called Miti and she often rides in whales. Just then, the water started to drain away. “Prepare to be ejected out of the whale.” She said turning vertically up. I did the same. “Swoosh” We were blasted out of the whale in a spurt of water. We seemed to hover in the air for a while before plummeting back into the sea.

Cold hands of the water rose to greet me. When I opened my eyes, I was amazed to see that I was in a paridise like none other. Corals of every colour surrounded Miti and I. Tropical fish of every kind came to greet us. Surgeonfish, stingrays, angelfishes and Moorish idols welcomed us in. We chose a soft shady spot in the corals to live in, to raise our babies. And here we are still, in this little paradise of ours.

Butterfly life cycle story

This story was taken from my science work book. I wrote it myself. Hope you enjoy.

'Rise and shine! Ooh, I feel real hungry.' said a caterpillar emerging from its shell. 'I'll pledge that I'll eat anything I see. Aha! an egg shell. Let me see if it is edible........."Chomp". Yum! it is delicious!'

after a few more bites..........
'Aw man! I eaten it too fast! And I'm still hungry! Hm, let me see....How about the leaf? "Crunch". Yummy! why didn't I think of that before?'

After a couple of days..........
'Ooh, my back feels itchy! I need a scratch.' It went over to a twig and started to wriggle against it. 'Ahh, that feels better!' It looked at its moulted skin and said in disgust 'Eww, intruder alert! Intruder alert! Never mind, I'll just spin myself in a cozy cocoon.'

Days past by...they turned into weeks...Then finally, A beautiful monarch butterfly emerged out of the cocoon, dried its wings and fluttered away.